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What Should You Check Before Buying a Used Car?


Motor. The engine that should start easily has to be tested for operation preferably with the machine cold. During this inspection, which checks the compression, general condition and, if possible, the emission of gases from the power plant, special attention must be paid to those strange sounds and odors that appear when the engine is started and as the machine acquires its operating temperature. ideal performance. It should also be verified that there are no oil leaks, much less smoke that appears from the exhaust pipe when accelerating the already hot engine.

Inside. For obvious reasons, the state of the seats, door panels, dashboard, floor and upholstery in general allows us to deduce the type of treatment a car has received.

Documents. Prior to professional expertise, the prospective buyer must verify the background of the vehicle

Chassis. A good eye inspection by an expert allows verifying that the vehicle has not suffered strong shocks or overturns that leave sequels in structural sites that are difficult or impossible to repair.

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