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What you need to know to buy used cars in Acworth, GA


For the vast majority of us buying a car is one of the most exciting experiences in life. It is said that in many cases, when we buy our first car, the feeling is very similar to when we fell in love for the first time, especially if it took us a lot of work to get to that point; Obviously for everyone it does not happen in the same way, since we must take into account the thousands of people in the world who have run with the luck that their first car has been part of a birthday gift or a gesture of appreciation on the part of the parents, the family or the sentimental partner.

Buying a car always fills us with emotion. Finally, our savings will be reflected in a new investment that will be very useful in our daily lives.

However, when it comes to a vehicle with several hundred kilometers traveled, we must take precautions so that our experience does not turn into tragedy.

Possible leaks of engine oil, gearbox oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, water from the windscreen washer tank and from all vehicle fluids. Moisture in the joints or gaskets of the engine block to the cylinder head, to the crankcase and to the transmission box.

Moistures present in the crankcase protector and near the deposits of the different fluids. Belts, hoses and peripheral motor accessories.

Check the condition, the rubbers must not be crystallized, the straps must not have threads or cracks. You should check if the timing belt or chain has already been changed and the mileage in which it was made.

Level of different engine fluids. One tip to identify maintenance habits is to check the bayonet or dipstick.

A burned dipstick indicates that the oil change is not made at the set mileage. The coolant level and the optimum state of the tank; In the latter, it can be detected if at any time the refrigerant has boiled or if it has overheated.

Presence of silicones in the different joints of the cylinder head, crankcase, thermostat base, distribution covers, or anywhere they can indicate recent repairs. However, if you have excess silicones, it may be that the mechanic is hiding some leak or poorly made repair. Silicone only where it should go and in amounts that fit the joint.

Mileage according to time. Many believe that a low mileage car is much better. As a premise, to judge the state of the engine we must refer to the maintenance plan. An engine with a lot of mileage but with the correct periodic maintenance is better than a car with little mileage and little maintenance.

Don’t just look at the mileage, look at proper maintenance.

Check to see if there are lit warning lights, such as the Check engine; if it is on it may have a fault.

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